Saturday, February 4, 2017

Shinatro (ex-Sata Andagi member) formed new group

I was a huge fan of Sata Andagi when they were still active. After the dissbanding I was happy to know that "Takuya Matsuoka" was still doing music. He is an active solo singer. However today I found out that also Shintaro is doing music again. The group is a project started by Shintaro himself and was formed in october 2015. The other members are Akira (Rap & Guitar), Kenbow (Bass) and Nosuke (Drums). In september 2016 they released their first single "HighsidE". He is a short clip of the main track.

You can also find short versions of both songs of the single on soundcloud.

I like both songs. I like Shintaros voice a lot. Sata Andagi has been one of my favorite groups and I am really happy to see Shintaro being back doing music.

What do you think?

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