Friday, June 1, 2018

AMEZARI -Red Star- released 1st ever Music Video

Today AMEZARI - Red Stars- released their first ever music video. The music video is for the song "Zarigani Dance". I LOVE this song so much, it's really addicting, I don't know how many times I already replayed this song! >0< The video turned out so well too. All looking really cool in their outfits and the dance turned out so good as well. This is much more awesome then I would have expected. Not that I don't expect good of them, it's more that they are still so underrated that I thought the quality might not be that good. Enough writing here is the video, please check it out.

Also it was so weird to see Jay with short(er) hair. He had long hair since forever... I never before saw him with short hair. It suites him too but I am so not used to it. XD

He looks so different now. >-<
Also I realized once again how biased I am towards Hibiki... while doing the screenshots of this video for this post I put so much effort into taking a good screenshot of Hibiki, just so he get's his solo screenshot... XDDDD Sorry I am such a fangirl over this little boy. So at least here is one more picture of Hibiki (besides the two I put into the picture in the beginning XDDDDD).

What do you think about Hibiki the music video?

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