Sunday, June 10, 2018

ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD changed their name + new single

I am super late with the news, sorry about that but I still want to write about this because I cound't find anything about it on any other english site. At the end of 2017 ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD officially changed their name to ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD 80's. I guess after losing quite a few members over the years, they wanted to have some kind of new start, that's why they changed the name but I am not sure. In March of 2018 they released a photobook under that name and in July they will release their first single as Zenhari 80's. The cd will come with 5 tracks and it seems like it will only be availible on their official website. Here is the cover for it.

And just in case here is the link where you can buy it. However you will need to order it with the help of a shopping service.

What do you think about the new name and the new release?

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