Sunday, June 10, 2018

MAGiC BOYZ going to disband

I finally got myself to write this post and it makes me very sad. On June 6th 4 member group MAGiC BOYZ announced to disband after their "MAGiC BOYZ iTTAN FAiNAL" live which will be held on July 16th 2018. The group got formed as a four member group back in 2014 and went through severel member changes. That's also a reason they decided to finally disband. Mahiro is going to quite the whole music scene and concentrate his studies. Also he would like to become an actor later. For the other three members they will stay with EBiDAN and Stardust and want to make music together, just not under the name of MAGiC BOYZ. It's also not stated if it will be a similir music style or maybe something totaly different. Maybe they are also getting to add new members. Well eveything is unkonw so far but I am looking forward to the outcome. 
As for me personal I am sad about this announcement, thought I haven't been their biggest fan in the beginning, they totaly grew on me. I started to enjoy their music and I liked their live performances. They have always been the most outstanding group of EBiDAN because their concept was so very different to the other groups. I am sad they will disband but I am looking forward to a new group with Toma, Ryuto and Joe and I wish Mahiro all the best for his future and I will be happy to see him in a drama or movie one day. 

What are your thoughts about their disbanding?

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  1. Whatt? That's so sad :"(
    I've come to like their music lately since they've improved a lot from those creepy songs into a decent amazing ones... I even wanted to write about them in my blog too..
    But I still hope for the best of them in the future!