Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hirakawachi Ichoume to hold memorial tour

It's been 10 years already since Hirakawachi Ichoume disbanded. The two brothers started doing music in 2003 with the goal of finding their mother, which left them when they were still very young. They succeeded and reunited in 2008 and after that decieded to disband because even thought they have been very greatful to their fans, singing has always been something hurtful for them because of the reason behind it. However after 10 years went by they finally decided to do a memorial tour and give their fans something back. The tour will be held in august and there will be seven shows in total. 
I wish I could go to their concert because after all these years I am still very much in love with their music and I would love listening to them nowadays. I thinks it's great they are doing this and I hope many fans will go an see them live.
At least here is one of my absolute favorite song of them, thought I do prefer the 2003 version a little more but I can't find the music video for it anymore. So here is the 2008 version of their debut song "Tokyo".

Do you know them? What do you think about memorial concerts like these?

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