Saturday, January 28, 2017

My favorite songs of 2016

There have been my awesome songs last year. In this Post I want to share my top 10 personal favorites of this year! These are pretty much the songs of 2016 that kept spinning in my head the most, I was/am addicted to them and some of them even have a special meaning for me!

#10 MAG!C PRINCE - Ittsu Love

Despite loving all their A-side songs this is by far my favorite B-side track of them. It's such a lovely song that calms me a lot.

#09 WANIMA - Tomoni

I already wrote about how much I love their single "Jucie Up" and Tomoni is the A-side track of this single. I had this song in repeat for hours already and didn't got bored or anything. As long as the volume is loud enough I will enjoy this song to the fullest.

#08 KAZ - One Day

I think I also wrote about this song before. KAZ is a singer without a lable or anything. I know he released a single that was only availible at his live but he is not regular appearing in lives. However he relesed the video for ONE DAY in his twitter account and by considence I came accross it and loved it. I still love it, all the time I start listening to it I can't stop myself from repeating the song at least a few times. His voice is so nice and the song so cute. I honestly hope he will make more music.

#07 UNIONE - One Sided Love

You can watch the video HERE

Since their videos are pretty much always only restricted to Japan I can't embed the original for you, however I found a short version I linked you. About the song I love it so much. It's a great debut song. It's super addicting and I like singing along to it when I listen to it. All of them have great voices and they harmonize very well. I wish them to get very succesful and release many awesome songs.

#06 10JinActor - Kimi no Egao ni Sui Touto!

I got to know 10jinActor just last year but I already love them so much. Their music is always SO much fun. I am also deeply in love with their 2016 songs "Frontier" and "PhakChi Heaven". All of these song are very recommended. However "Kimi no Egao ni Sui Touto" kept spinning in my head a little more. I remember there was a time I started singing the song at work... luckily I work with kids and they didn't really care since I sing with them a lot at work anyway.

#05 X4 - obsession

This song is the only song of X4 I love. I love that it's so sexy. I already knew that Yuya can sing sexy songs. He released a handful while he was still solo. An example would be "Naked Night". However this one is even more sexy I think. Their vocals, the dance, the rythem everything is just so hot in this song/video. I just love it!

#04 PrizmaX - Up<Up Beat

I love PrizmaX a lot and follow them for so long now. I love how they always try something a little different but they keep their original style to it. Up>Up Beat always gets me in a good mood. It's such an uplifting song. 

#03 Ame no Parade - Tokyo

I can't count how many times I repeated this song last year. It was my first song by Ame no Parade and will definitly not be my last. Even thought I have to admit their songs tend to be very similar sometimes. However Tokyo is really unique. You get so many emotions through the songs or at least I do. I will always love this song a lot.

#02 0TU1 - Family

I came accross 0TU1 this year only. I wish I would have known them before. Their music in generell is really good and their latest mini album is just perfect. Family is one song on it. It's my absolute favorite song of them. So damn beautiful. Also I saw them live at the end of last year and they sang this song and believe me guys this song is even more beautiful live.

#01 White Jam - Sakanaide

Sakanaide is definitly the best song of 2016 that I listend to. The vocals make me melt, Shiroses vocal skills are impressive and the other members are stunning too. There is nothing more to say about this song despite that it's perfect.

What are your personal favorites?

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