Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bee Shuffle on hiatus & JoonHo + GyuMin starting duo

Hey minna. I don't know why I am always late with stuff like this but I just found out that Bee Shuffle are on hiatus since the end of March already. I am super sad because I like these guys and their music a lot. It seems like members "JoonHo" and "GyuMin" decieded to change the label and therefor the group decieded to go on hiatus for now. They didn't call it a disbandment because I think the members themselves don't won't to give up on the group. So there is hope that they one day will come back but to be honest I don't have much hope for that to happen because JoonHo and GyuMin already started to do activities as a duo and Minsu seems to have went back to korea already and I can't find any information about either Shuta or Jun. They seem to be out of the entertainment world. That's SO sad. I mean I happy at least two of them making music but I am so incredibly sad to not see the others again anymore. At least I was able to actually see them live once before their hiatus.
Besides if you like Minsu and still want to follow him a bit here is his new instagram.

An here is a picture of JoonHo and GyuMin.

I hope to see some livesigns of Jun and Shuta soon. >_<
At least here is the first song of JoonHo and GyuMin.

What do you think about these news?

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