Thursday, August 17, 2017

Junon Superboy Anothers will finally have a debut

"JUNON SUPERBOY ANOTHERS" is a project that got two teams, team youth and team senority, and some lucky ones will have a debut at the end of the project. However the project is already going on much longer then expected BUT there will finally be a debut for a few of the members. It was announced that they will do some kind of battle, which will not be shown live, ranking all the members and the top 6 of the list will have a debut. It seems they will be called "Dream Team". However the 6 last members in the ranking will be kind of punished in the way that they are not allowed to perform on stage anymore and the will definitly don't have a debut. All the rest are still going to be in the project and will enventually have a debut later.
However today they uploaded member introduction videos and I guess the ones that get the most views and thumbs up will have a better chance to be in the group.
Therefor I sincerely ask you to please like the video of my favorite member. I so wish him to debut!! Here is his video please watch it, it's super short.

Isn't he just too cute!! *0* Please do me the favor and watch and like his video! I would be really thankful! ^0^

The only other members of JSB Anothers I support are Maejima Yo and Sugiyama Mahiro (he is very popular). There is others I like but I don't really support them.

If you want to watch videos of the other members too please go here.

*Junon Superboy Anothers Channel*

They also uploaded some kind of teaser music video for Team Senority (the older members). Check it out here.

At least I want to show you a few pictures of Hinata. Sorry for the spam but that just has to be now.

Are you rooting for one of the members?

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