Saturday, August 19, 2017

[PicSpam] Just because I felt like it...

Today I am going to share some pictures of Boys and Men Kenkyusei with you. I love BMK a lot and just feel like doing this little picspam now. I will do a cut under the first five pictures, so you don't need to see all pictures thought I recommend taking a look! XD

*click on the pictures to see larger versions*

They all look so handsome in this picture and I love Setsura's hairstyle here, looks much better on him then his usual hairstyle!

Sota is just cuteness overload in this picture. His smile always makes me smile too. 

Why so handsome!?

They look SO good in Yukata. Especially my BBs right in the front looking super handsome and pretty.

Oh my... pictures of them together with Matsuri Nine always making me kinde sad because I miss the time when they were all together in BMK but I am really happy that they are still seeing each other and sometimes have lives together. And look at Takuya hugging Sota. It's soooooooooooooooooooo... cute! I miss this SO much!

Check out more under the cut!

Ok this actually an older picture as you can see because Takuya is wearing the BMK uniform. Like I wrote before I just miss them being together a lot so I had to share this too.

Mi-chan looks quite manly here. It's kind of a suprise. XD And look at Setsura with his diving googles. XDDDDD And Sotas cute smile. And Ken-pan looks so handsome. And I like Kyosukes hairstyle here. And Takumi making such an adorable face. And And And...

Another old picture. The old BMK Tokyo members. I miss this... 

OMG this look... *0*

All of them together!! ^0^

I love all of them!!

That pictures was taken a few days after Matsuri Nine was announced to debut. Raiga looking all over happy and Sota looks kinde sad. I bet he was sad for not being in the group, like Setsura. Both have been with BMK for quite long but didn't got choosen. >-< They are amazing and I am sure they will get a chance to debut, it would be stupid to not let them debut.

You just have to like him with this kinde smile. 

He is so precious!! ^0^

I love this picture. Setusra looks so damn cute when sleeping! *0*

BMK 4 ever!!!!!!

Why so cute minna?!

Toy and Ken-pan together. I know I am repeating myself but honestly I miss this SO much! >_<

Look at super cute Mi-chan at the left.

That's all pictures. I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did! ^0^

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