Thursday, August 17, 2017

InSoo released teaser for solo mini album

MyName member InSoo is going to release his first solo album at the beginning of september. It will be called NAKED and comes in two versions, a limited dvd version and a regular version. He is releasing this album because he will soon enter military service in South Korea and therefor has to go in hiatus. Before leaving he wants give something special to the fans, therefor the mini album and he is going to release a solo photobook on the same day and is going to have a solo concert which will be on an USB stick you will get together with the photobook. Here is a picture of the photobook.

He has always been my favorite member of the group so I am really excited for the mini album and photobook and of course the concert. It's still taking a while before it's released but today they uploaded a first teaser for the mini album. Here it is.

It's way too short and yeah so much nakedness. XD I know he likes to show of his skin so it wasn't a suprise at all but yeah it's really a lot of skin. XD Also his pronouncation of Naked is kinde cute. >0<

What do you think about it?

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