Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Songs I recently can't get enough of...

Today I wanna share some songs with you that I listen to a lot lately. I love each of these songs a lot and hope you like at least a few of them as well.

[Hirai Dai - Story of Our Live]

Gosh that song is so extremly beautiful and stucks in my head for hours. I know the singer for some years already but never really liked his music but gosh this song... honestly it's SO good and even the other song of his new album he released a video for is very good. I am seriously thinking of buying the new album. *0*

[Touyama Mirei - Negai ~ anogoro no kimi e ~]

Again I know the artists for quite a while but even thought I like her voice a lot and some of her older songs are good, I never stuck to her. However Negai is an extremly beautiful song about Love, how it comes and goes. She delivers the emotions of the song very well. Besides I also really like the music video, it's as beautiful as the song and each compliments the other.

[EBiSSH - Koi wa Timing]

To be honest I didn't expect to like this song so much but after I listend to it the first time I couldn't get this song out of head. A lot of times I randomly start to sing the "kimi ni mu chu" part. This is definitly not the best song I ever heard, also because I still think they have to improve a lot, but the song is addicting and I started to really love it.


OMG this song is so damn addicting whenever I listen to it I have to repeat it at least once. I really badly want to have the single so I can listen to this endlessly... XD I love the rythem of the song. It has this amazing summer feeling and their voices, while quite untrained, are still extremly cute and kind of nice to listen too. I really love this song! ^0^

[Chotokkyu - Gr8est Journey]

Chotokkyu really have some of the best songs for their fans. I love the message of this song, it showes how important their fans are and how much they appreciate them being with them. They sing they are going to take you with them on their way to their dream. I love that. It's a super powerful song with an awesome uplifting feeling. Besides that the song is also encouraging thinking about yourself. It has the message that you can achieve what you dream of. I really really love it. Despite the lyrics I also love the vocals of Takashi and Koichi in this song alot and the rythem of this song so damn good too. Absolutly recommended song.

[PrizmaX - Orange Moon]

I love the mysterious feeling this song has, the english the use in it and the amazing refrain. This song is pure love and the video, even though really simple, is perfect for the song. I am addicted to this song and I can't wait for the b-side tracksof this single. On a side note there is one part in the sing I always have to cring at. It's the part where Tim sings "Sexy finger dance". I always think about "the spirit fingers" (from bring it on). XD

[Color Creation - Waiting for You]

If you follow this blog you might already know that I love this group a lot and their debut song is just so good. I listen to it really often and never get boring of it. Especially the vocals of Rioske make me melt. I like all their vocals but he has such a smooth and powerful voice and stands out for me a little. I wish I could see them live one day.

[White Jam - Millionaire]

I really love the music of this group, most of their songs are so perfect. Their music is pretty different to the typical jpop music. You can hear that Shirose (who writes and composes these songs) is very much influenced by western music. I like this because I think what he creats is awesome and always makes you wanna sing a long. Same goes for Millionaire. I love to dance and sing to this song. It's a song that always get's me in a good mood.

[Chotokkyu - My Buddy]

This song is super addicting as well. I didn't expect to like it so much but it's one of these songs that get stuck in my head and I randomly start to sing it no matter what I am doing or where I am. Also I really love the dance to this song. It's so cute.

What are your favorite songs at the moment and did you already know all the songs on this list? Are you addicted to them too?

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