Saturday, August 26, 2017

My Ranking of the Super Dragon members

Here comes my EBiDAN ranking of this week. Sou choose this weeks group and she decided to take Super Dragon. So far this was the toughest ranking for me. I like all the members a lot and pretty much equally and it was SO hard to choose a ranking. >-< Don't forget to read Sou's post as well.

Let's start.

#9 Hayate 

I feel so bad giving him this place because I do like him a lot too but he is the one that is the last outstanding for me therfor he got the last place. However he is vey cute. I like his smile a lot and he seems to get along with the other members well. Also I do like his dancing. He does really well. Besides he has been with EBiDAN for quite some time already but supprisingly his appearence didn't changed much over the years. A little of course but he always has been quite tall and his face just changed slightly too. XD

#8 Sougo

I don't know much about Sougo. I think he looks always very cute and he smiles most of the time he is on camera. I like this a lot. He is a little sunshine. He likes to have fun with the other members. However he is the one being most mysterious to me. I would like to know a little more abput his personality.

#7 Jean

Again I feel bad for giving him this place but someone had to take it. While I love his rapping a lot and always thought he is a great dancer, I think lately he is trying too much to be the bad ass guy. >_< Also I don't really like his style much... Well taste is different but I still remember this one amigo show where he had to choose an outfit for another member and the jury told him his one was not really good. Poor Jean but yeah, at least he wears what he wants. Besides I do know Jean for some years now because he is with EBiDAN for so long already and he was always someone that stood out of the crowed. I am really happy he was choosen to be in SupaDora. Also I am always amazed by how much his appearance changed, it felt like he suddenly was a youngster. XD

#6 Hyoma

Since their debut he gained a lot more self-confidence and I think that great to see. He seems to feel very comfortable being on stage and/or the center of attention. His voice is beautiful and works well for the songs they sing and his dancing is good too. I like when he is being silly together with the other members. Also he became really handsome, I often like his outfits a lot and I like their hairstyle on him a lot.

#5 Raku

Whenever I see Raku I think he looks so much like a girl. He has such a pretty and cute face. I am currious if even as an adolt he will have such a girly image or maybe he will turne into and sbolute ikemen. I can't imagine it. XD Besides that for me Raku is also a little sunshine. He smiles a lot and pretty much always seems to have a good mood. He is very cute with the other members and I think he is very hardworking too. I am looking forward to watch him grow with the group.

#4 Tomoya

I have always liked him, also when he was still a trainee. He never was my favorite trainee but he always was in my sight. He was really cute and always tried his best in every challange they did. It's crazy how much he grew up in these few years (I feel like I am saying this way too often but honestly I LOVE watching all of them grow and change over time). Look at this chibi version of him.

Too cute wasn't he! ^0^ And now he became very handsome but his adorable smile kept the same. I think you can have a fun time with him but you can also have deep conversations with him. I think he is a great mix of not being too silly but also no being too serious.

#3 Koki

First of I LOVE his laughing. It's so loud and cute, feels very honest and always makes me smile too. Besides that I really like his voice a lot and I think he is a decent dancer. He seems like someone you can easily get along with. Also he has an extremly handsome face and I bet he will be a womanizer when getting older. XD I am actually looking very much forward to see him grow up and watch him changing over the years. He is someone I see a lot of potential in.

#2 Tsuyoshi

Tsuyoshi has the best voice among the members and is my favorite vocalist out of all EBiDAN members/groups. He has a gorgeous voice that is easily being recognized. Besides that he is playing the guitar very well, is extremly handsome and has a nice scense for fashion. Being all this amazing you might think he is arrogant but he absolutly isn't. He seems very lovely in the way he interracts with the other members and in everything he does I always have the feeling he is very true to himslef. His smile and laughing is cute and he has a great appearence on stage. I know he has been doing solo activities befor joining the group and I wish I could have seen his live but I am glad he is now a member of a group because it sometimes feels like he is straining his voice too much and in a group the singing partscan be split between the vocalists. He still get's most of the singing parts but I am not as worried about him anymore because of the others singing too. 

#1 Reo

He has always been one of my absolute favorite trainees. I was super excited when he appeared in the "Itsuka wa Merry Christmas" (DISH//) and "EBiDAY EBiNAI" (Chotokkyu) music videos because it meant he got some more spotlight, even thought his scenes where pretty short. You can't imagine how very happy I was when it was was announced that he is a member of Super Dragon. What I like a lot about him is that he is very hard working, maybe sometimes a little too much, and he always tries to improve. However I always found his dancing to be a little too energetic but I think he improved and his dancing became pretty decent. Besides that it's something about his personality that makes me really like him. He likes to be infront of the camera a lot but often ends up being teased by the other members. Thought he is actually the oldest member, it doesn't feel like it. XD He is just very lovable.

What is your ranking of the members?

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