Sunday, August 27, 2017

My favorite KPop groups releasing Japanese Music

Today I want to tell you my favorite KPop groups that also release Japanese Music. But before I start with my list I have to admit that I don't really listen to Kpop anymore since, I think, around 2012. I have started listening to KPop in 2008 and back then was deeply in love with BigBang, SS501,m Shinee, Kara, 2PM, Infinite, Beast, U-Kiss, ZE:A and some solo artists like Wheesung, Se7en and Lee Hyori. However I someday lost my interest in KPop but from time to time I like listening to some old kpop songs I loved, e.g. I will always love Shinees Replay! Also there are a few groups I still check out from time to time like Teen Top and B1A4. However the reason for this post is that I do listen to some kpop artists regular but mostly to their Japanese releases. I come accross those groups randomly, I don't search for them, so I still might not know many of them. If you want to suggest any feel free to do so!

Besides I don't include Code-V in this list because for me they are not a KPop group. You can find my post to this topic *here*. However let's start.

#5 BTS

While BTS is my favorite KPop group and the only Kpop group I really follow and am excited about, they only get this place because I am not too excited about their Japanese releases. Starting with the fact that they don't release a lot of original Japanese songs but just Japanese versions of their already released songs. I really love their songs a lot but I often tend to not like their Japanese versions of their songs. However I do like their few original japanese songs that's why they got a place on this list anyway. My favorite japanese songs of them are The Stars and For You. They are honestly such awesomely great talanted guys and if you never listened to anything of them I recommend giving them a try.

#4 SS501

They are not active anymore, well at least not as SS501 (their new name is SS301) and their music, especially their japanese music, is quite old already. However they are still one of my favorite korean groups that released music in Japan because they released some awesome japanese songs. My favorite of their japanese songs is still Lucky Days.

#3 GOT7

To be honest I came accross GOT7 just very recently. Ok I did now their song "Just Right" before because it was in many ranking videos I watched but even though I can't deny it has a nice sound, it didn't make me interested in them. So just recently I came across their new song Never Ever and I instantly liked it. Because I was in the mood I went through their other songs and ended up liking most of them so that's why I felt like checking out their Japanese releases too. What I directly liked a lot is that they didn't release only Japanese versions of their already popular songs, like many kpop artists do, but instead they released original Japanese songs. That's pretty awesome I think! I like pretty much all their Japanese songs and their CDs went onto my "have-to-buy-list". Because I just got into them I don't know any of their b-side tracks but I am quite sure I will like them too. Maybe I will do a post about them when I received everything. So far my favorite Japanese songs of them are Around The World and Hey Yah.

#2 TVXQ/Tohoshinki

With TVXQ I mean the original 5 member group because I don't listen to them anymore since three of them left the group. I also don't listen to JYJ. They had their reasons for leaving the group, I know that very well, but for me all their magic faded away when they left and I never felt the need of listening to their new stuff and even if I randomly came across one of their new songs it didn't got me excited at all. However I still do love their old songs a lot and there was so much they released in these 7 years they have been together as a five member group. I love most of their Japanese releases and some of my absolute favorite songs are "Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimatan Darou?" and "Stand by U".


Definitely my number one is this awesome group called MYNAME! I know they release very less in Korea because they mostly release music in Japan and are way more popular in Japan. I got to know them some years ago but only started to love them after seeing them live at an Japanese event called Burn Up, which I went to at the end of 2016. Their performance was incredible, they seemed really lovable on stage and I loved how they interacted with their fans. Also InSoo and SeYoung went through the crowd and I was lucky to have some eye contact with InSoo which made me kind of fall for him! XD However after this live I bought everything I could find of them while I was still in Japan and the rest as soon as I came back! I listened to all their Japanese releases and I love pretty much all their songs a lot! Some of my absolute favorites of them are Klick, Sha la la, K.O. Monster, Gimmi Gimmi and MIRACLE. This is one damn talented group. However InSoo is on hiatus now because he will do the military service in Korea. I am already looking forward to his return but I will keep support the other members as well!

What are your favorites?

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