Wednesday, August 16, 2017

EBiDAN OKiNAWA released their 1st single

I was kinde suprised when I saw that EBiDAN OKiNAWA (short EBiOKi) has released a single. That's not something typical for EBiDAN. I mean there have been trainee groups that have released a cd but never a whole trainee region. Thought ok it's just 5 member of EBiOKi but still it was really suprising for me. The 5 members are (from left to right on the picture above) Alex, Yuki Ohmine, Koei Matayoshi, Hibiki, Joshua. I am not too familiar with them but this single actually makes me much more interessted in them. There is only one main vocalist in the group and that's Koei. His voice sounds really good. I bet he will be and an very awesome singer when he gets older. As you can see they are all still quite young so they still have a lot of time to improve their singing skills and maybe later the others will get some more solo lines too. Although we can't even know if they will stay as a group like this or maybe just have this one release together. However here is the video for their first single.

What do you think about these songs?

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