Friday, November 3, 2017

BOYS AND MEN to release new album

BOYS AND MEN announced to release a new album called "Tomo Arite" on December 20. The album will come in four editions. They will release a dvd and regular version as well as two versions with either a clearfile of Makoto or Yankee5 (those are the sub-units of Boys and Men). They already uploaded short music videos for their new songs "Tomo Arite" and "UFO". Check them out here.

I especially love "Tomo Arite", it's a suprisingly beautiful and calming song. I am more used to them doing fun songs like UFO or manly songs but this one is a really laid back song with amazing vocals and a nice feeling. UFO however is fun and the video hilarious as always. Like OMG Takanori why... XDDDDD!!! Love those guys.

What do you think about the two songs and are you going to buy the album?

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