Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Toman graduating from XOX

Today XOX announced that Toman will be graduating from XOX. It is a very sudden announcment but he talked with his label, manager and groupmates about this and decided to pursue a solo carreer. However he seems to be on good terms with the other members and they said to cheer for him. I am really sad that he is leaving since he is an important part of the group, however I am happy that they will still continoue. I wish Toman all the best for his solo activity. It will be weird seeing the others without him. At least the fans in Japan will still see him for the promotion of their 5th single Pinky Baby, which is being released tomorrow.

What do you think about him leaving?


  1. I'm sad because he's my favourite member ;-;
    But I wish him luck with whatever he decides to do now

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  3. !!! I can finally comment?? TTwTT
    I'm really sad hearing this! I just wrote about them a while ago and now this happened... :"(((
    I can't imagine Toman not being there.. since he's the leader and their caretaker... what would happened to the kids sob.. Though, I still respect his decision for it.. I wonder what kind of job he'll do in the future
    Anyway you're really fast at catching this news ^^ I haven't even found the news anywhere

    1. I got to know it because they uploaded the an advertising for their 5th single and they wrote last live in it, so I first thought they disbanded and therefor checked out their website on which the announced that its Touman leaving the group.
      Couldn’t you comment before?

    2. Ahh you're right! I never checked their web (only twitter) so i didn't know TT_TT
      Yeah I couldn't comment in blogspot using my wordpress acc, it always turned our unverified credential id or something before.. so I tried to look for other way