Sunday, November 12, 2017

UNIONE fan report + Giveaway

I was in Japan for 7 days at the end of October. Since I have been there together with my 8 year old brother I didn’t went to any concerts or events (only to one instore live of SELLOUT), however my brother had to go into a few cd shops with me. At our first day I had to go to HMV in Ikebukuro, it's my favorie cd store in Tokyo.

So when we got there I was super excited to see UNIONE being there doing a handshake/signing session. They of course promoted their new released single, that I already bought earlier the day. You can't imagine how supprised and happy I was. So I went to the cashier and saw they are still selling cds together with the tickets for the event. Of course I had to take the chance and bought two copies, you needed two copies to be able to get the sign/handshake. At least it was the version I hadn't bought already.

I asked some japanese women at the event what I should do and they helped me out. We got in line and after waiting maybe three minuts I met them. I grinned from one ear to the other. It was so exciting meeting them in real life since I follow them since their pre-debut time. The first one was Yuta, he is so damn handsome, such a pretty boy. Next one was Sam, he was so cute, his smile was really adorable. I told him I like their music a lot and he said "thank you" but told me his english is not good. Next one was Jin and we talked quite a bit in english, his english is really good. I told him thanks for all the great music they release and he was really happy. He asked how I got to know them and where I am from. He is really nice. Next one was Yuuki, he was trying to talk with my little brother (that barely speaks any english) but the scene was really cute. Besides all of the members were really cute to my brother all gave him an high five and even thought he doesn't know the group he smiled a lot too. XD Yuuki gave me a handshake too and said a few words in english, same for Issy. All their smiles were so cute and I liked how cute they were with my brother. That makes them much more lovable to me.

After that we went to the hotel again and I was smiling brightly and my little brother had to bear with my over excitement. In the picture above you can see the signed cd, the wrote down both the name of my brother and me.

Now since I got one cd double and I don't see the need on owning it twice I will give one copy away. Of course the unsigned one that is still seald. It is the regular edition that comes with 4 tracks in total. All 4 songs are very beautiful, so take your chance getting this awesome single.
All you have to do to get this is write a comment on this post telling me that you would like this cd, as well as your e-mail address. If you want also tell me your favorite member and song but it's not needed.

!!If you can't write a comment here, you can also write me a message on twitter!!!

The Giveaway will end at 23:59 (GMT+1) on December 24th.
The winner will be chosen randomly and I will contact you on the next day.
If you are under 18 you need to have the permission of your parents to take part in this.

Good luck with winning!! ^0^


  1. It's so cool that you just happened to be in the right place to see them. Makes me even more excited to go to Japan myself and hopefully be able to see some of my favourite groups. Seems like you had fun and how the members interacted with your brother sounded really cute.

    I'm interested in the CD. I don't know much about UNIONE but I think having one of their CDs would be a good way to get to know them better! Thanks for doing this giveaway ^,^ My e-mail address is dansei.idol.girl(at)

  2. You're so lucky! I wish I can go to Japan someday and be able to see GENE's members or my fav Japanese actors maybe? Hehe

    Actually, I don't know about UNIONE. But It will be great if I can having their album. Maybe I can like them and even become their big fan later? who knows? lmao

    my email is miaastuti18(at)

  3. Hello! Amino wouldn't let me type haha so here I am! (pinksheep@Amino)

    Anyway, I'm very grateful that you're hosting this giveaway! I've been busy so couldn't hop on the computer but I'm squeezing in time before work~
    That's amazing that you got to meet them; so jellyyyyy lol I wish I could visit Japan one day... but yeah, I just recently started to get into UNIONE, like, around last year. Hopefully I'll be continuously supporting them, MADKID, IVVY, (& maybe SELLOUT now too lol)
    I'm also about to get into DREAM MAKER because of you ahhaha

    Once again, thanks for this opportunity! I heard all the previews for this CD and it was really good ToT
    My e-mail is

    Thanks and good luck to all entering! :D