Monday, November 13, 2017

Happy Birthday to Queen Kumi

Today is the birthday of singer Koda Kumi. She turned 35 today and has an impressive life behind her. Starting in 2000 with the single "take back" and having her break thought with "Real Emotions/1000 no Kotoba" back in 2003, she so far released 62 singles and 22 albums as well as some remix albums. For me personally and for most of her fans she is the Queen of JPop. She is able to always show a new side of her, her music never gets boring because of her image changes but even though manages to keep staying true to herself. 
For me she was the artist that got me into Jpop. I did listen to JPop before but never fell deeply for an artist and only listend to the few songs I knew. She was the first artist I deeply loved. Therefor her music will always be special to me. I still remember the moment she got me on her side. I watched some youtube videos and come across one varity show she was a guest at. In this varity show they had a toy they tried out, it's called "tickle me elmo". Just in case you don't know what it is here is a video.

So they tried this one out and Kumi was laughing out loud. Like she really laughed super loud but it was too adorable and it gave her a very natural appearance. Since then whenever I see her in a varity show I always think she is very true to herself. Also with her music, I am sure she releases only music she wants to release. Since her debut she is writting 95% of her songs on her own which I think is incredible. It's so easy to let people write good songs for you but she decides to do it on her which I really love about her.
As you can imagine she has a special place in my heart and even thought I am not listeing to her and following her as much as I did years ago, she will always keep this space in my heart and I will always wish her and her little family the best.
To celebrate her birthday I want to share five songs of her that I don't want to live without anymore.

Do you like her? What are some of your favorite songs of her?

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