Friday, November 24, 2017

Did you know...

So guys this is just a short post to tell you what I found out just now. The band Frederic has english subtitels for all their music videos. I just saw that and it's so amazing that I wanted to share this info with you. Maybe you guys already knew that. I didn't knew it because my subtitels are always turned of because I don't even imagen there to be any on the jpop videos I watch. I was so supprised and happy to find out they have english subtitels under all their music videos. Here are two of my favorite songs of them. Please check them out anddon't forget to put the subtitels on, if yout want to know what they are singing about.

Do you know any other group/band/artist that puts english subtitels on their videos? I only know that artists under Up-Front like H!P groups always have subtitels but that's the only ones I know. I wish more would do that.

What do you think about english subtitels under music videos?

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