Friday, November 10, 2017

japanese groups that broke my heart...

Over the years I have been into Japanese music I saw many groups come and go and artists I liked suddenly stopped releasing new things. However there are a few groups that after all this time I still miss and wish they would come back together. Here are the few groups that broke my heart with disbanding.

Cocoa Otoko 


Let’s start with the first group that broke my heart. Cocoa Otoko was a 5 member rock group that got formed out of a varity show and all the members were actors. I really loved this group because their songs were amazing and their personalities were awesome too. I especially like(d) KenKen because he is really openminded and adorable. Sadly they didn't last long and I was incredible sad when they announced to disband. I was so sad that after they disbanded I couldn't listen to their music for quite a while. It just made my heart break again and again. Nowadays I do listen to their music again but it still makes me sad. Besides it made me happy to see Takuya doing music again when he joined Ryoga, thought sadly he is going to leave the group again at the end of the year but at least I was able to follow him a little longer. At least here are two of my favorite songs of them.



YA-KYIM was the first group that made me cry because of their disbanding. They have always been special for me, on the one hand because their music is really good and on the other hand I connect them with my first ever travel to Japan back in 2009. I still remember that their music was playing all around Shibuya back then and whenever I play their "Happy! Enjoy! Fresh!" album and close my eyes I feel like being in Tokyo again. Back when they disbanded I did hope the members would continue with doing music but it's really hard to find new information about them. Here are two songs I loved a lot of them but there is much more I love.


I was am deeply in love with this group, starting from their major debut in 2008. They are 4 damn talented woman and their disbanding made me cry a lot not only because I was sad but also because I was angry about the fact that such a talented and amazing group, which deserved SO much more attention, didn't get more promotion in the first place. It's not even that they released only music that is for a certain audience but they had many main stream pop songs too which could have been much more popular. I will always love these girls and try to support them as much as I can. I know Nanaka and Mimi both released solo music and Nagi is a choreographer and I think works at a dance school. I don't know about Meg but I hope whatever all of them do, they do fine and they are happy. Their music will always be on my iPod and I will always enjoy listening to their gorgeous music!


Vimclip is definitly the group I miss the most. Whenever I think about the fact the disbanded it makes me sad. I honestly miss them SO much as a group but at least most of them are still more or less active in the music industry. Reo is the leader of the group Ryoga and he owns his own label for clothes (that I one day want to own something of). Tomo does music under the name "WHYTE",he released a mini album and is mostly active with participating in live events. Eiku is active solo but he is only performing in certain clubs from time to time. Kazuki formed a duo with a guitarist, they were called "Lock&." but it seems it didn't went too well. The only member I don't really know about is Take but since he had some health issuies I just hope he is doing fine. I can imagine him already haveing a little family but whatever he lives like now, I hope he is happy and in good health. I wish all of them the best from the bottom of my heart. Besides I am extremly thankful that sometimes when they still meet up all together, they post pictures. Here is one example.

It makes me extremly happy to see them meeting up once in a while and that they still seem to be good friends. I love these guys and they will always be important for me and I will always support them with whatever they do.


Dream5 is another group I dearly love(d). At least their disbanding wasn't sudden because after Momona left the group I kind of knew that they won't continue. However it still made me sad but after crying so much when Momona left I was way less emotional at the complete disbanding. I guess that was because for me Dream5 wasn't Dream5 anymore when Momona left. I saw them grow up from little kids to juveniles and I wish I could have seen them grow up more. At least Akira and Yuuno are still pretty active in social media. Akira is performing in stage playes and is in some kind of dance crew, also he is doing quite some modeling. Yuuno is also modeling but slowly turns into a gravur idol and to be honest that's not the direction I wish her to go...!

I mean she really is pretty and has a a great shaped body but she just turned 18 in october and I still remember her being so chibi back then... it feels kind of bad to see her as a gravure idol. To be honest I fear she might go the wrong way and since she has always been my favorite member in the group I wish for her only the best the most and this doesn't feel like the best... Maybe I am just exaggerating but yeah... I just hope she is happy. I don't know about the other members. Momona told to stay out of the entertainment industry and Kotori hasn't been seen after leaving Avex either. At least here are two picters of Akira because I am always stunned at how handsome he became and how much he grew up.

The first picture is from their debut, he was around 12 years old back then, and the second pictures is a newer one, I think he is around 19/20 y.o. in this picture.

Are there any groups that broke your heart with disbanding?

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