Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Jin Akanishi uploaded MV for "Fill Me Up"

Akanishi Jin is going to release a new album called "Blessèd" on the 12.12.2017. This album will be released as two dvd versions and regular version. I really like his music and voice a lot and therefor always check out what he releases. This new album will come with 10 tracks, thought the regular one has a bonus track called "Mrs. Right". A few hours ago his music video for "Fill Me Up" has been uploaded and of course I had to watch it. Like many of his videos it is a very artistic video. I really enjoy these kind of videos and think this one turned out quite well thought it's kind of provoking and can be irritating as well. Like in the first few scenes when he sits in a chair getting an infusion of champain.

Not to forget all the women with their panties down to their ankles. I don't want to think to much into it but yeah it's a very artistic and confussing music video. However what is the most important to me is the song and I really like the song. His voice sounds amazing and gives awesome vibes. It's a really good song that I am sure I will liste to much more then I already did. Check it put yourself.

What do you think about the song and music video?

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