Wednesday, January 18, 2017

AMAZO NIGHT Live 8.1.2016

I want to spread the AMAZO KNIGHT love and therefor I decided to show you some pictures and tell you a little bit of an recent live they had. Sadly I didn't went there myself, this is something I found online. I will put the link to the original at the end.

This live was more of an talk and fun meet up one. They decided to try some world records challenges. Taichi was the MC so he didn't participate. 

The first challange was to do as many push ups with a clap in one minute as possible. Fuya did the challange and he reached 32 but the record is 90. So he failed but at least he tried his best.

The next challange was to do as many star jumps as possible in one minute. Sota did the challange. The record for it is 65, however Sota was able to do 84. Really impressiv.

The next one was Tsurugi. He tried to finish a lemon in the shortest time possible. The record for this is 12,93 seconds but Tsurugi took more then a minute. I can feel with him, it must have been terrible.

This time Sota tried to empty a 350ml bottle of water as fast as possible. He took 11 seconds but the record is 2.35.

The last challange was done by Fuya. He tried to destroy as many baloons as possible within 1 minut and with sitting on them. The record is 34 and Fuya was able to get 33. His poor bud.

After that Tsurugi had a solo performance. He coverd the song "Sakurazaka" of "Fukuyama Masaharu". They renamed the song "AMAZOzaka". I would love to hear this cover of him.

Then a little talk started. I don't know what they talked about.

At least they performed 3 songs.

I would have liked to be at this event. I love how dorkey they can be but still they are amazing and gosh I miss their music. Luckily I filmed a little bit of their performance at an live event I attanded. >-< They are all so precious!!

What do you think about it?

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