Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Top 5 JPop releases of 2016

There have been a lot of amazing releases last year. Today I want to share my personal favorites. There are albums as well as singles in this list. These are the cds that stood out as a whole for me the most. I keept repeating all the songs for hours, that's why they are on this list. However let's start.

#05 Tokyo by Fiima

This is an addicting release of them. Being a fan of them for quite some time I was extremly excited when they announced this cd because it's the first you could buy in stores. However I ended up loving this release a lot because each of the four songs is so good. I did a small review of this single, look it up here.

#04 Love Science by 0TU1

0TU1 released their third mini album at the end of august 2016 and I wish I would have known them before because their music is incredible. As the title suggest you will find love releated songs on this album. They are all more slower songs but it doesn't get boring at all. I am just amazed at how amazing their vocals are and all five songs on this album are so extremly beautiful. Here is a preview video for the album.

My favorite songs fo this album are definitly Family and Lean On Me. These songs are extremly beautiful as well as addicting and just perfect.

#03 Juice Up!! by WANIMA

This single starts of with "Tomoni". I love this song so much and all the time it pops up on my ipod I feel the need to rise up the volume to fully enjoy this incredible song. Definitly my all time favorite song of the band. Definitly check it out! Here is the music video to it.

But also the next song "Odoru Yoru" is more then statisfying. It's starts of with some awesome guitar skills and has a very fast pace. Love it too. The next one is called "Kitte no nai Okurimono". It's super addicting as well. The Last one on this single is "For You" and it's a little more paced down thought not really. It's perfection as well. You might think I am over reacting here but honestly this was one of the best investions for me in 2016 and gosh I bought a lot last year but this single is so worth it.
Listen to their album if you have the chance to.

#02 SHAKE THE WORLD by FlowBack

This is the first cd of FlowBack you could buy in stores. I bought it because I got interessted in them and wanted to check out their music. The album supprised me with how well it's done. The songs are pretty much all up beat and so much fun to listen to. It's different to usuel Jpop music. All the songs on this album are really good. Starting with "Wake Me Up", which got it's own music video, over "Shake The World" up to A.N.L! In total there are 5 songs on this mini album and I honestly recommend every single one. Here is a preview video of the album.

#01 5IGNAL by 5IGNAL

I bought this album only because I really like their song "Be With You" and wanted to own it on CD. So when I recieved the album I had absolutly no expactation of the quality. As soon as I started listening to it I got super excited because it is so good. It feels like an album of an american artist and since most of the songs are sung in english it feels like this even more. I really love japanese music but I love this as well and I think they did a brilliant job with the album. They are absolutly underrated and should get way more attention. I hope they will finally release something new again soon. Here is the official teaser for the album, sadly showing just two of the songs.

What are your favorite releases of 2016?

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