Friday, January 13, 2017

About FlowBack

I've been asked to do a profile post for FlowBack a while ago so here I am finally writing one. They have a website and other social media you can check out to get to know them better. Here you will find pretty much only basic information. If you have any questions about them don't hestitate to ask me.

[Their History]

The members meat each other in 2013 at various additions they were competing in and in the same year formed the group FlowBack. In 2014 they took place in the "Line Audition" and were able to make it to the final round. Through this they gained a lot of attention and their fanbase grew. They stand out even more because they are doing everything themself like the choregraphies, the music, their fashion and their goods design. They started selling their first CD at their lives in august 2014. The cd is titles "FlowBack 1st Demo CD". It came with the songs "crush on you", "baby" and "puzzle". On the 26.02.2015 they opened up their line blog and they held their first one man live on the 14.03.2015. In the beginning of January 2016 they released their first mini album which is called "SHAKE THE WORLD" and it was sold in stores. In Mai of the same year they released their second indie single called "After Rain". Later this year they announced that they got under contract with Ki/oon Music, a sub-lable of Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Their major debut single "Come a long way" was released in September 2016 and in December of the same year they already released their 2nd major single called "Heartbreaker". As for the music video for Heartbreaker, they did something special. Depending on the number of view the video got it's story changed. Their 3rd major single will be released in March 2017.


In charge for the choreographies.
Birthday: 21.02.1994
He started dancing in 3rd grade, since then he aimed to be a professional dancer.
He is also singing.


In charge for the goods design.
Birthday: 28.04.1994
Half filipino.
He is said to be a mood maker.


In charge for music (composing and lyrics).
Birthday: 20.05.1991
He likes Whitney Housten, Chris Brown, Brian McKnight and JOE.


In charge for lyrics and styling.
Birthday: 15.05.1994
Half filipino.
He is said to have the strongest voice among them.


Rapper of the group.
Birthday: 01.04.1996
The youngest of the group.


  1. Hi :) I'm recently into this group since I watched them at j-melo last april, I wonder where you got their birthday info. I was searching everywhere for more of the infos but I couldn't find any, i can only find the same stuffs...but anyway thanks a lot, all questions I have for this group has been answered in this blog. nice one. :)

    1. I am happy you like the post and it was able to help you with getting to know them a little better.
      About the birthdays it was pretty hard to find out. I went through their line blog and twitte site to find their birthday posts! >-<
      It took me quite a while to find all besides the one of Mark because I already knew that! ^0^

    2. You already know Mark's? Really? That's amazing. haha..I admire your patience, makes me feel embarrassed for giving up after few tries XD I think I need to get a few pointers from you >__<. Anyway keep up with you blogs, I'm a follower now *thumbs up*

  2. Ooo thanks for the info tho really appreciate it i got to know them after i became jpop fan n also fans of hey! Say! Jump and kismyft2 now my ichiban top beloved jpop is Flowback cant wait fpr their new singles